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PILAR is a system that localises, precisely and in real time, shots fired by small and medium calibre weapons, based on the sound waves generated by the shot. 

This version is designed for the protection of heavy and light armoured vehicles, as well as police armoured vehicles. It is available as a tetrahedral acoustic array mounted on the vehicle roof. It also includes a display that precisely indicates the shot origin, as well as the shooter’s GPS coordinates. 

Combat Proven: today, this system has been fitted on several hundred vehicles of the French Army and users on various theatres of operations (Afghanistan, Central African Republic, etc.) have been very satisfied.




Main features

  • Continuous 360° acoustic monitoring
  • Real-time situation awareness
  • Efficient response due to coupling capacity with remotely-operated turrets
  • Intuitive interface providing access to numerous functions, such as :
  • Shot history
    • Selection of a shot in the history for real-time monitoring
    • Training mode (blank bullets)

Real-time threat monitoring

  • Embedded navigation module (option)
  • Shooter’s GPS coordinates
  • Update of relative coordinates based on vehicle motion

Precision on small arms (RMS):

  • Azimuth: ±2°
  • Elevation: ±5°
  • Range: ±20%

Identification of the calibre according to two classes: ≤ 7.62 mm or > 7.62 mm.
Operating temperature: from -40°C to +50°C

Average response time: 2 seconds



  • Protection of armoured vehicles
  • Protection of light armoured vehicles
  • Police


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