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PEARL is a system that localises, precisely and in real time, shots fired by small and medium calibre weapons, based on sound waves generated by the shot. 

This version is designed for the protection of soldiers, sentries or VIP. The system can be installed, using a Picatinny rail, on an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a machine gun or multifunction goggles/sights. An intuitive interface composed of directional LED arrows shows the azimuth and elevation of the threat. Compact and wireless, PEARL is easy and fast to get started with.

Combat proven: this system has been used in several Special Forces units in France and abroad.




  • Light: 450 g
  • Precise: 7.5° in azimuth and elevation
  • Fast: average response time: 1 second
  • Stand-alone: > 12 h with 2 AA lithium batteries


The RS232 or RS422 interface of PEARL allows coupling, after a short adaptation study, with other systems. Range and calibre information is then available.

The following couplings are already available:

  • Day/night sights
  • Multifunction thermal goggles 
  • Ballistic calculator
  • iPhone and SafeStrike application


  • Soldier protection
  • Sentry protection
  • VIP protection


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