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DYNATEST is the DMA software program dedicated to the METRAVIB Dynamic Mechanical Analysers series for the control, acquisition and analysis of data.





  • Highly flexible test definition
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Auto-control for the follow up of large variations of mechanical properties during the test
  • Auto-tension mode for tests requiring the coupling of static and dynamic setpoints
  • Full traceability of test conditions
  • Hierarchized access according to user profile
  • Memorisation of graphic presentations
  • Superposition of results
  • Advanced test report
  • Calculation of dynamic master curves (FTS)
  • Calculation of creep master curves (TTS)
  • Easy data post-processing


The DYNATEST software offers a broad range of applications, among which: 

  • DMA and TMA testing
  • Static and quasi static testing: creep, stress relaxation, tension, compression, etc.
  • Polymerization follow-up (thermosets, prepregs…)
  • Simultaneous calorimetric and DMA testing on thermosets (rheological properties, exothermic reaction, shrinkage)
  • Extrapolation of viscoelastic properties over an extended frequency range
  • Long term creep prediction from creep testing on multiple temperature stages


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