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METRAVIB ROB100 Robotized DMA systems

ROB100 is an automatic specimen loader dedicated to the DMA+450 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer. The analysis of a large number of specimens is then possible, on a continuous and unattended basis, without any action required from the operator during the tests.

ROB100 offers a free choice in the definition of tests and the combination of experiments applied to each specimen. Based on an original mechanical system (METRAVIB patent), ROB100 ensures full control of mounting conditions for each specimen and guarantees unique measurement reproducibility.




ROB100 allows optimizing the laboratory's productivity by meeting the industrial requirements for the analysis of large numbers of materials formulations.

  • Enhanced analysis productivity
  • Stand-alone and continuous use without any operator
  • Independent test on each specimen
  • Multiple tests possible on each specimen
  • Enhanced test reproducibility
  • Mastery of mechanical constraints applied to the specimen
  • High specimen storage capability
  • Robotized tests in shear mode with high strain rate


The great flexibility of ROB100 offers a broad range of applications, among which: 

  • Robotized DMA tests
  • Industrial routine tests
  • Quality control tests
  • Elastomer and polymer analysis
  • Product performance modelling
  • Performance prediction (resistance to rolling, gripping on wet ground)
  • Robotized Payne and Mullins effect characterization

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